1. Andrew Atroshenko, Purity, Lamantia Gallery

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  2. CJ Simonson, good pal and fellow radio DJ (at least for a few more days before he graduates) always send THE BEST videos that are lurking on in the shallows of the internet, but that I never see to come across.  This is one of them.  Here’s just a little idea of what I mean,

    "Henry Rollins is horrifying.  I would punch him in the face and kick him in the willies." -said by an 8 year old english girl.


  3. Like Sorry……………

    Check out Complex Style’s list of rappers killin’ it at the game of fashion.


  4. Spotify was super dodgy during my show today, but hopefully you’ll have better luck.  Check my twitter @multi_lei_ered for the On This Day facts which accompany the songs and good luck with finals everyone!


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  5. What will I be playing tomorrow?  Tune in to my 2nd to last show tomorrow at 7AM on Chapman Radio Online or on the Chapmanradio.com app 

    Odelei Radio: 15th May 2014 YEW!

  7. If you remember no other female artist’s name, don’t forget this one.

    Joselit, David.  1998.  Jenny Holzer.  New York : Phaidon Press. 

  8. Spring excerpt from Song of Innocence by James Blake


  9. It’s a What’s Going On kind of day, you know?

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  10. iM

    I Need what I need
    And that means you
    Call it greed
    But I actually do
    You need what you need
    And I know that too

    But you can’t have it
    If I can’t have you



  12. 1 May 2014

    Odelei Radio played this morning on Chapmanradio.com and it was a good show.  You may have missed it, but you can still listen to the songs.  And follow along with the facts on my facebook page: Lei Hookano.  

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  13. "And to the sky he shouts, “Goodnight, Irene. I get you in my dreams.”"
  14. Washed Out’s “All I know” is a portal through which I found a treasure trove of music videos produced by Urban Outfitters.  Taste the rainbow here.


  15. 17 April 2014 Setlist

    On this day facts and explanations to accompany songs can be found on twitter via @Multi_lei_ered

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